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:iconheidi:Heidi 140 19,840
Felt by overdebated Felt :iconoverdebated:overdebated 202 7 Nothing left by ShesAllFuckedUp Nothing left :iconshesallfuckedup:ShesAllFuckedUp 272 15
Same Sex Marriage is GAY.
Same Sex Marriage.
Objective: You will be engaged in an in-depth study of same sex marriages. This project will involve research and the result will be an argument presented in the form of a debate.
Viewpoint: AGAINST.
1.     Homosexuality is not natural.
Much like eyeglasses, cesarean sections, birth control and painkillers are not natural.
2.     The purpose of marriage is to procreate.
Therefore, sterile males, women that cannot bear children, the elderly, infirm, and infertile CANNOT be married.
3.     Living with gay parents will adversely impact children’s lives.
Living with abusive parents, alcoholics, drug addicted parents, and parents that are never home is worse than living in a household with two loving gay people.
4.     Gay Parents raise Gay Children.
Straight parents only raise straight children.
5. &
:iconjennifishie:jennifishie 272 253
When in love
I wonder if you could sense how I feel when I look at you,
Tilting my head to the side when I smile with you.
The way I feel when I listen to you,
The anticipation in my stomach right before seeing you.
I could hold my breath counting the number of stars I see in your eyes,
Stretch my fingertips to graze the surface of your lips,
And slowly, tenderly,
Fall in love with the way you look at me every time.
I sometimes wonder if you could see all this in my eyes,
Recognize the feeling of my heart in my voice,
Feel the tenderness of my mind lost in translation,
A heart wavering like an angel hair in the wind.
:iconablondmoment:aBlondMoment 193 79
reasons to love a shy girl
i. men fear strong women,
but she's far from strong.
this wisp of a girl
doesn't even need a hurricane
to fall apart.
she'd glued and re-glued,
old bonds wearing thin,
but if you ask politely,
she'll let you touch her scars.
ii. her lips are fettered in rusted chains.
you'd need a crowbar to pry up
her whispered secrets.
you are not worthy to hear her voice
just as she is not worthy to give it to you.
she told me everything she knows,
and i shut it away,
kept it safe.
i tied the threads into double knots
just to make sure
they wouldn't curl away from me,
twisted up like a dead spider's legs.
iii. she is hewn from shadow,
woven from grains of sand.
you might think she'd flow,
breeze by on a sparrow's breath,
but she's never been good at
anything but sinking.
she is buried treasure, and all
the things you wish you could forget.
iv. you found her washed up on the shore,
drawing pictures of her flickering soul,
and knew she was too unsteady to love.
when you reached for her heart,
your han
:iconlittleblueraccoon:littleblueraccoon 1,442 624
a habit worth breaking
These days I feel you high up on my hips
I take a step - too hard - you quiver.
Your fingers stretch across my thighs
to brush cream colored calves
and I'm teaching myself not to mind.
There is no shame in curvature,
in roundness to my belly, no
the only shame is to measure my worth
by this body I've been given.
I'm so much more than numbers or
the stretch of my clothes or
this un-tight skin in which I live.
I'll stop looking for you in every bathroom
and quiet hall; you may take your leave
or cling tight - my mind will bar
your entrance either way.
Today I break the age-old trend
of being my own worst critic,
I take me for me and love this body,
this home, this temple for a beautiful soul.
I'll shimmy into my jeans and pinch
the bits of me that are no longer 'extra',
tug down my shirt and be beautiful.
:icondaybreaksmiles:daybreaksmiles 49 18
because i'm like a relapse (of you or youth)
baby blues cannot cure suicide agendas.
all these poets do is wither, wither,
waste - decomposing bones just
enough to trade them in for
words & kill them
conversations bloom between my tongue &
teeth or two choice vertebrae; thoughts
burst like blood vessels,
like self disgust
(i am more catatonic
than i am catastrophic).
:iconcounting-vertebrae:counting-vertebrae 91 31
Feature: January 16, 2015
Every month, we find find some examples of really great work and improvement within the PowerfulWriting gallery. Here are some such pieces out of our non-poetry folders.
burning ice
Romantic Prose by winkie77

All the words that she had spoke I had caught nonetheless and each and every one of them were now beautiful roses that lay, planted inside my own heart and they would continue to grow under my constant care.
This piece is powerful and sensual, and really shows how winkie77 is coming into her own as a writer. The imagery is at once soft and vivid, and the effect is beautiful.
Crimson Wicker: A Biography
A Character Profile by JDNight

Assigned as a female baby at birth (given the appearance of his genitalia based on social construction), Crimson Wicker was born in 2014 on an unmarked day and month at a Re-educat
:iconpowerfulwriting:PowerfulWriting 4 4
you enter the room
and before my brain
can control its impulses
i am sniffing you out --
like a hunter preying on you,
i anticipate the inevitable pursuit.
before i realize it,
my mouth is watering
dying to taste the
salt of your skin
and the depths of your tears.
i dare you to flee my clutches,
the double-edged gift
of my talons
claiming you as my own.
i have yet to decide
if my grip upon you
will be a lasting one;
just as you have yet to decide
if coming here was such a good idea after all.
my will upon you,
your first step toward absolution.
don't worry.
i'm a patient Woman.
:iconmistress-linguist:mistress-linguist 7 0
She is fifteen. She entered fifteen shuffling her feet, blissfully ignorant of the indigo and violet that the number brought along with it and infused inside her. She is fifteen, and in a week and six - no, nearly five - days, she will be sixteen.
She shudders as she considers sixteen. Certainly, the number brings along the image of pale blue fabric swirling across glittering marble underneath a rain-soaked night sky, but there is a blue-green-gray about sixteen that reminds her of the color of her eyes - a startling, almost chilling vibrancy about it. She knows she has been longing to know sixteen since she can first remember, ever since her tiny feet had first plodded along the inky leaf-strewn pavement. When she had first awaited the inevitable change, she had failed to convince herself that the colors of fifteen fit in perfectly with the snow (or lack of it). Now she has ventured on another trip around the sun, and her heart pounds with terror because the colors of sixteen and the
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 197 88
Misery sits on top a crest
—it came riding this way
Waiting to come diving down
To whittle your heart into shape
Spread your arms, love
Let it fold in there nicely.
(Shut up shut up shut up.)
:iconsurrealnacre:SurrealNacre 72 38
No Thank You
soul searching in
a man made religion. hypocrisy is
rampart in many minds.
:iconwyldflower:wyldflower 10 8
She sighed as she surveyed the front lawn. So this is how it was, after so many years. Abandoned, left to rot, but it didn't, not really. There wasn't much to rot, but there was a lot to lose. Color, for instance. Everything was grey in her eyes now. She could barely remember, and she rarely wanted to. But now, just once, she'd like to see her childhood home in it's full glory again. She couldn't of course. 
Her eyes flickered down to the once silver key she held in her hand. Memories reflected in it's dark shine, running through the door to catch the ice cream truck, kicking off her snow boots with her sister, trying, and failing, to catch fireflies in jars, throwing backpacks down around the corner. She tore her eyes away from the key and looked back at the door. She slowly slipped the key into the handle, hoping it would still work. Slowly, slowly, she turned it. A faint slipping and clicking echoed from behind the door. Her eyes lit up as she placed her hand on the door and ga
:iconphan5everx2:Phan5everx2 10 13
Little Feather by PMucks Little Feather :iconpmucks:PMucks 135 18
. the depths .
. the depths .

. the wire .
there's a zone on each side
lights on day and night
howling hounds scowling men
she's put herself within

The city's quiet and I'm on our street again. Lost in memories of brighter times, when i was in your thoughts.

some images
pull me back to bloodshed
the walls above
my fallen Ainia
my ended love

.the knowing.

i have a memory problem
each instant records complete
my lovers never end


это было береза
скрытые я был
черным по белому
Кожа на теневой бледно
:iconamanda-graham:Amanda-Graham 10 3





winkie77's Profile Picture
United States
Name: Stormy :3
Age: 16
Sexuality: BI and proud ▼
Music: All Time Low, A7X, BMTH, Die So Fluid, Emilie Autumn, Epica, Evanescence, Evans Blue, In This Moment, FFDP, Fleetwood Mac, Foreigner, Get Scared, Ghost town, Memphis May Fire, Metallica, Miss May I, New Years Day, Nickleback, Nirvana, Oceans Ate Alaska, Of Mice And Men, Pierce The Veil, The Pretty Reckless, Seether, Shoot The Girl First, Sky Ferriera, Story Of The Year, Switchblade Symphony, Tapping The Vein, Three Days Grace, Queen, The Killers, The Stokes, The Rolling Stones, Horizons
Interests: Reading/Writing, Drawing, Singing, Swimming, Walking in the park, being weird
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
ಠ_ಠ Put The Table
(ಠ益ಠ) BACK
┬──┬ ノ( ゜^゜ノ) sorry


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