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storm me;
theres a certain softness
that hides in the way we clash;
a fragile savagery that
shakes the world,
you are electric,
creating shivers down my live-wire spine,
sparking lights behind my hooded eyes.
the quiet rumble of your velvet voice,
lips moving against my ear.
no warning: lighting lips flash,
burning vivid purple imprints,
muffled thunder breaking
against your neck,
grey clouds falling from
half parted lips,
raindrop fingertips trace
with a horrible delicacy along
sweat drenched skin
you break me apart again
I am a child,
a girl of Fairy tales in
a realm of reality and
I am a sorry excuse for
a Sleeping Beauty
with my insomniac nights,
staying way past midnights
and the vivid blue
perched beneath my eyes.
I avoid mirrors for fear of
the voice lounging within and
I can’t breathe,
my throat restricts
around the sweetest fruits
and I’ve grown accustomed to
blackened lungs and muted dreams
I did not fall in love with the Beast;
I found one inside myself and
embraced the animal I harboured
I am lost in a world
unknown to me,
in love with my princess, the only girl
that inspired my love
and my lust and
like the little kids dropping their
cookie-crumble path
I’ll leave marks down her soft backside
and follow her home
people always told me,
stay away
so, my days were lonely.
I was a dwarf star,
composed of spent edges and
recycled materials,
rounded by the abundance of
storms I've suffered through.
my thunder thoughts resounded
within the homes of hollowed bones.
my eyes were blinded by
purple lightning,
staining pale, blue veined lids.
I’m living in a world of broken retinas,
static irises and dilated pupils;
begging for wisps of light but
I can’t breathe, can’t speak;
my muted lungs cannot
filter anymore, blackened from too many
nights of drunken wandering;
travelling down a labyrinth of
smudged roadways where smog is curling,
lingering softly in my restricted veins.
cigarette smoke is dripping from cracked lips that
can't remember how
vowels dance off the tongue.
a muted gypsy; searching through a blackhole
and you found me, drifting through
empty space; my colours had faded but
you didnt care that I was a mosaic of
broken pieces, of falling stars and supernovas;
a creation of endings
is the wild;
a child of flowers and
planetary motions,
created of stardust and
half recalled memories.
Ivy thriving,
twining through hair,
roses stemming through limbs;
hidden pain and beauty inside.
She’s got eyes of the moon,
half full pieces of dreams and
the scars on her body are
yet defined constellations;
waiting, aching to be traced by
hands that forget how to
by fingertips stained with
wildberry sweetness.
She has the mouth of a hunter;
hungry and lusting,
she keeps her vulnerabilities
at the back of her throat, tasting the Hemlock,
coating her words best left unspoken.
Her heart is pumping,
thumping, blood racing through
copper frail casing; ropes of veins
as she paces.
She is never detained yet
she sometimes wishes
to be held
maybe it’s good that such an ugly girl
has such a pretty paranoia,
she’s too chaotic
no one can hold her anymore,
there's nothing real about her;
she clings like smoke to
half recalled daydreams;
broken apart by reality
she’d rather linger in
forgotten memories,  
just breaking herself with
a delicate ferocity rather than
succumbing to the rest;
becoming just another
savage girl on a path of roses,
instead she’ll continue to
point out the constellations with crooked
ash stained fingertips and unlace
the strings that tie
her fate

so she can




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United States
Name: Stormy :3
Age: 16
Sexuality: BI and proud ▼
Music: All Time Low, A7X, BMTH, Die So Fluid, Emilie Autumn, Epica, Evanescence, Evans Blue, In This Moment, FFDP, Fleetwood Mac, Foreigner, Get Scared, Ghost town, Memphis May Fire, Metallica, Miss May I, New Years Day, Nickleback, Nirvana, Oceans Ate Alaska, Of Mice And Men, Pierce The Veil, The Pretty Reckless, Seether, Shoot The Girl First, Sky Ferriera, Story Of The Year, Switchblade Symphony, Tapping The Vein, Three Days Grace, Queen, The Killers, The Stokes, The Rolling Stones, Horizons
Interests: Reading/Writing, Drawing, Singing, Swimming, Walking in the park, being weird
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